Monday, June 13, 2005

7 Things Major League Baseball Needs To Do

1. Expand. The game needs to add 2 more teams. This is so that the game can...

2. Eliminate the Wild Card. My main problem with the wild card is that idiot general managers who are at .500, eight back and behind five clubs on July 31st still think that they're in the race and mortgage the farm. All that would have to be done would be to realign into 8 divisions of 4 teams each in 2 leagues.

3. Allow the trading of draft picks, but only for other draft picks.

4. Eliminate interleauge play. The only reason that it exists is because the numbers suggest that it's good for busines. I really doubt those numbers. More people might go to interleauge games, but I'd bet that the overall tickets sold level is about the same that it would be without interleague play.

5. Instant replay. Really, why not? There's no reason that the games shouldn't be called as accurately as possible.

6. Fix the All Star game ballot. They would have to stop putting it out in April, but I think that June 1st would give people enough time. Using a qualifying number of plate appearances instead of an openging day depth chart would eliminate Nomar type disasters.

7. Eliminate revenue sharing, implement market sharing. This is the biggest one and I don't see how it doesn't make sense. Why do the Yankees pay more than the Mets when they have access to the same customers? Why do the Phillies get money from the Indians? Why are cheap owners paid to lose? Why is Bud Selig allowed to run MLB?

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

All-Star Ballot

It's the first of June and it's time for me to cast another All-Star Ballot. When Joe Sheehan did his, he gave something like 16 automatic votes and 3 votes based on this season. I like to try to balance that a little bit more. So, on to the picks.

Starting Pitchers

Jake Peavy still in the NL with Pedro Martinez hot on his trail. In hitters parks, Myers and Clemens have similar ratios to those two, but each has walked about a batter more per game. Javy Vazquez would be 5th. In the AL it's Roy Halladay. Buehrle's been good, he's vaulted to second as Bedard misses time, but Halladay's been great. Johan Santana and Carlos Silva would be 4th and 5th.


In the NL it's Ramon Hernandez who leads the position in OPS despite playing in Petco. He's 8 points of OBP behind Damian Miller for the ratio triple crown at the position. In the AL it's Jason Varitek who's slugging 80 points higher than any other catcher.

First Baseman

Derrek Lee's still having a good enough season to displace Pujols after his weekend revival. Albert will be on the team, so why not let Lee start as an honor for his two months. In the AL it's Teixeira who leads a weak field. Morneau, Sweeney, Sexson and Constantino all have almost the same rate stats as Teixeira. Mark plays in the best park, but he's also the best player and he has the most PAs.

Second Baseman

Brian Roberts. This guy seems to get a hit leading off every game. AL second baseman as a whole have been scary good on the basepaths. In the NL it's Jeff Kent. No one who's doing better than he is is anything resembling a good player. Giles could also easily be the choice. Biggio should make the team if this is his last year. There's room for a once great player.

Third Baseman

Larry Wayne Jones by less than anyone thinks over David Wright. I have a feeling Wright's going to be denied the team. Pedro's a sure thing killing that chance and I have a horibble idea that Joe Randa will be the Reds representative over Adam Dunn. A-Rod's the thing in the AL. This might end up as his best season yet.


Last ballot I put an Oriole and a Yankee on the left side of the infield. This time again, but it's the men who were runners up last time who get it. Tejada and Jeter have equal claim to the spot and Tejada's having the better year. In the NL, Izturis, who might be the best at the position, has passed the number Barmes has put up. Nomar is somehow leading the ballot. Fuck people who vote for him.

Left Field

Manny Ramirez is as close to a guarantee that I will give. Despite his low average, he still has the second highest VORP at the position. In the NL it's Adam Dunn in a squeaker over Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera's been better, but don has more history. Despite hitting .116 points lower than Miguel, Dunn has a higher OBP.

Center Field

Johnny Damon has really heated up and pulled himself away from the pack in the AL. In the NL, Jim Edmonds has taken advantage of Bradley's injury to jump to the top. Andruw's comign on after a horibble April. Carlos Beltran is sitting down.

Right Field

Who's been the best player in baseball? Not A-Rod or D-Lee. B-Ab doesn't roll of the tounge, but Abreu's the king after two months. In the AL Sheffield gets the vote over Vlad because "The Impaler" won't take a walk. I think this is Sheffield's last season whatever happens to the Yankees.

Designated Hitter

David. Ortiz. That is all.