Monday, May 02, 2005

Upcoming Moves

The Mets are looking to get Kris Benson Thursday. Sometime next week they will get back Mike Cameron and hopefully Kaz Ishii. That's nice and all, but they're going to have to lose three players from their roster. Fans have been assured that Diaz will stay up, but beyond that look for the team to make the worst possible moves.


The Mets appear to be set here with Piazza and Castro. I was one of the biggest Castro supporters before the season started, but if Piazza's going to be ineffective then the Mets need someone like Todd Pratt as the backup. Although the media doesn't think so, the Mets actually have a depth in the pen and they could deal Roberto or DeJean somewhere (Frisco for Yorvit? Boston for Mirabelli?) for someone who can catch three times a week and hit.


The regulars are set here, although I would like to see a Doug/Cameron platoon with Floyd playing first against righties. Woodward is someone who could be demoted easily to make room for Cameron. Valent, Anderson, Cameron and Cairo will make for a very potent bench and Matsui can play shortstop. If they keep six position players, Woodward won't likely be used much at all.


If Cameron took one start from Diaz, one from Floyd and two from Mientkiewicz every six games, that would be a nifty job sharing arrangement. With Cameron back, also, Beltran will be able to rest from time to time. Valent is the left handed bat if a HR is needed and he's at a value low point and value recieved for him would be negligible.


It's clear that the Mets best starter is Pedro and after him Heilman and Benson. Zambrano and and Glavine have to stick because of their contracts/horribble deals that brought them here and that leaves Ishii as the odd man out after Seo. Ideally, they would release Zambrano and DL Glavine, but realistically it's Seo to the minors, Heilman to the swingman role.


Looper, DeJean, and Hernandez have to stick. Heilman's also in if he's out of the rotation. At least one lefty, Koo although it should be Ring is in, and Bell should stay over Aybar. The last spot will probably go to Aybar until Heredia comes back and then go to the Ex-Yankee. Either that or they'll keep six on the bench.

Predicted Moves

Activate Benson/Demote Ring
Activate Camreon/ Demote Seo
Activate Ishii/ Release Aybar or DFA Woodward or Demote Bell

Correct Moves

Activate Benson/ Release Zambrano
Activate Cameron/ DFA Woodward
Activate Ishii/ Release Aybar


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