Monday, May 02, 2005

Observations from a Monday morning/Tuesday night

Jose Reyes may suck as a leadoff hitter, but he's damn fun to watch. Tonight he went 4 for 5, raised his average to .281 and was the catalyst for both of the Mets rallies. He still hasn't walked, though, he went 3-0 and then took the next two pitches in his last at bat.

At least he's not Dusty Baker
Felipe Alou did the worst job of handling his bullpen and winnign that I have ever seen. In the seventh with the bases loaded and a lefty (Green) up, he yanks his ace, who shouldn't have gone out to start the inning, for a lefty, Eyre. Eyre strikes out Green, but the ball gets away from Defensive Wiz Mike Matheny and Green trots to first. Tony Clark (S, but really R) comes in and instead of going with a righty, Alou takes out Eyre for his second lefty, Fassero, who he might need later. Fassero gives up a double and then comes out because he isn't good enough to face (R) Royce Clayton. Matt Herges comes in and gets Clayton.
In the eighth, with two outs and a man on first and the pitcher's spot coming up, Alou takes out Herges for his last lefty, Christiansen, who gets the switch hitter McCracken, but is then taken out before he can face Luis Gonzalez, who one might actually want a lefty against.
The Giants are up again at this point and 5+ ERA nominal closer, Jim Brower comes in and promptly gives up a long ball to Gonzalez. He wiggles out of the inning with two more hits and no runs, and then after the Giants go up, he is replaced with Tyler Walker, who is the last member of the bullpen who has pitched in the major leagues before. Now, the decision to yank Brower isn't bad, but why then and not before? Just so someone gets a save next to his name?
The Giants won though, thanks to a lineup in which every starter, even Schmidt, got a hit and JT Snow got four including a HR. Matheny added a GS in the third.

Yankee Shakeup
Cano is in at second, good. Bernie is out of center for Hideki, good. Phillips/Tino appears to be a platoon and now Bernie/Big G is one too, good. What's bad? Meet your new left fielder, same as your old second baseman. There are so many minor league veterans who would be better than Womack out there. A platoon would work great, since the Yankees don't really need to carry any backup infielders. (Phillips can play second or third in a pinch and A-Rod can play short.) They could do something like McMillon/Pride if they focused on things like that. Fernando Seguignol certainly would look good out there. As is, Womack is the best choice on the roster, although I'm sure Steinbrenner can find $600,000 for Cashman.

Thank you, Danny Graves
He has just the sort of name that's easy to pun, but that would be too easy. Instead let's just say that he's responsible for the best game of the young season so far. The Cardinals put up a 7 spot in the ninth inning and ended up winnign by one after Graves gave up home runs to Edmonds and Mabry among other hits. Credit also has to go to Sean Casey for not ending the game one batter befoer Mabry when he could have.


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