Saturday, May 28, 2005

Miguel F'in Cairo

I hate Miguel Cairo. Not for anything that he's done, or even because he sucks, but because some people, including the Mets manager, seem to think he's a good player.

.256/.300/.354 in 90 PA. That's his line this season. His OBP is the same as Eric Valent's. Valent was DFA'd this morning. He had a history with the team, was left handed, had more potential with the stick and wasn't made redundant.

.292/.340/.439. That's Chris Woodward's line. Yet, Cairo is the one starting in place of the injured Kazuo Matsui. Cairo shouldn't even be on the team. There is no reason to keep two right-handed utility infielders, especially when the one who can't hit is also the one who can't play shortstop.

I've got to think this is all because Cairo played for Randolph last year and because the press knows who he is. I hate that that's how Omar runs his team, but at least Victor Diaz is back.


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