Friday, May 20, 2005

Interleauge Play

I absoultely hate most interleauge play. Not the idea of it, just the fact that it's pointless and that each team has either one or zero important series and then we get stuff like Tigers and Diamondbacks. I'm almost positive that all of the attendance boost comes from two things. Rivalry series and the Yankees coming to town. I can't imagine being a Tigers fan and wanting to see the Dbacks more than a division rival.
I can't help it, though, I do enjoy the Subway Series. Although it will never happen, I think a decent compromise would be keeping eight home and home six game series and eliminating the rest. I'm sure that the schedulers can attempt to balance these out so that each team in a division plays against team with roughly the same aggrregate winning percentage.

The eight series I would keep are.

Cardinals and Royals
Indians and Reds
A's and Giants
Yankees and Mets
Cubs and White Sox
Dodgers and Angels
Nationals and Orioles
Astros and Rangers

The other teams would play no interleague games. The bonus attendance could be split between the teams as a way to placate those who don't have a rival.


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