Monday, May 23, 2005

I give up

Scott free: General manager Omar Minaya indicated Sunday the Mets had no plans to promote Scott Strickland. So by the terms of the agreement Strickland's agent negotiated with assistant general manager Jim Duquette last weekend, Strickland becomes eligible Monday to become a free agent.

The Mets don't know if other clubs have interest in the veteran relief pitcher. But they are not inclined to disturb their bullpen at this point, and they can't afford to reduce the number of position players on the 25-man roster, especially with Beltran and Matsui injured.

Why don't they want to disturb their bullpen? Is it because Aybar and Dejean are so good? Is it because Zambrano has to be in the major leagues to suck as much as he does? I really don't get it, but this is the worst decision that the Mets have made all year. Any goodwill that Minaya got during the offseason is disapperaing quickly. Is their goal to prove Buster Olney right? Because the Mets certainly have the arms to assemble a good bullpen if they want to, they must be doing this so that they can say their bullpen blew it when they finish fourth.


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