Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Rookies hit Eighth

The Mets loss tonight, not because Pedro gave up four runs, but because Willie Randolph is an idiot and an asshole. He insists on hitting the second hottest hitter in the league, behind Derek Lee, eighth and hits David Wright below Doug Mientkiewicz. Combined with the fact that the top two guys aren't getting it done, this leads to a very impotent lineup. Floyd had two hits and a walk tonight and Wright had two hits and a walk, but with Mientkiewicz between them they accounted for only one run. Diaz had the bat taken out of his hands when he came up with men on in the second because he's hitting in front of one of the worst hitting pitchers in the league. You don't want Ramon Castro coming up in critical situations, it's ridiculous. The lineup should probably go like this on regular nights.

2B Matsui
3B Wright
CF Beltran
C Piazza
LF Floyd
RF Diaz
1B Mientkiewicz
SS Reyes

When Piazza's out they should bump everyone behind him up one spot and put Castro at the bottom. Thatwould concentrate the good hitters in the middle, move Diaz up, eliminate the holes in the middle and maybe allow Reyes to draw a walk, even if it's intentional.


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